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Start a business

Starting my own business was a very exciting time for me until I encountered book keeping and VAT it then became very daunting but big thanks to Garratts my accountants who explained every aspect to me in plain English.

Joseph Farrow – JF Tiling Limited

Helping you…

Helping you…

Become more tax efficient

Through Garratts total understanding of the different businesses they are best placed to provide us with efficient and tax optimising solutions as we concentrate on the main activities of the businesses.

Mark Owen – DKM Homes Limited

Helping you…

Helping you…

Control your business

Keeping control, keeping an understanding of our financial situation and keeping on top of our statutory obligations has certainly not become any easier over that time. Our relationship with Garratts has been very important to us.

Tim Edwards – Boningale Limited

Helping you…

Helping you…

Plan for your future

Apart from the efficient way in which the returns have been done it has been re-assuring to have always dealt with one accountant and to be easily able to reach her for advice when necessary.

Chris and Annette Flint – Flints Partnership

Helping you…

Helping you…

Sell a business

Garratts played a key role in advising the MBO on the purchase, suggesting both objective and practical solutions to the many challenges encountered. Post purchase, we have seen Garratts as partners in assisting us to develop the business.

Sandra Harris – Middleton Group

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Accurate financial information and pragmatic advice is fundamental to the success of any business. Our inherent corporate culture coupled with a totally professional service provides our clients with an extra dimension, whatever their business.

Our focus is on our business philosophies - working partnerships, total commitment. These, coupled with resourcefulness, when applied dynamically, achieve growth and success, whatever the nature of the business.

The success of these philosophies has enabled Garratts to become one of the region’s largest independent professional service practices, primarily through client recommendations. From offices at the financial heart of Wolverhampton, a dedicated team of over thirty professionals serves a client base that ranges from small and new businesses to privately owned medium sized companies across all areas of business and commerce.


Today’s competitive business climate can mean it is harder than ever to succeed. Activity can ebb and flow, the way forward can sometimes prove daunting and at a stroke you can find yourself going around in circles.

At Garratts we understand the need for clarity of thought, decisive action and the importance of pulling together as a team. By working alongside you, building a long-term relationship and providing practical and flexible support, we aim to create a unique business partnership for the future.

We take time to learn about your business, to understand its methodology and philosophy, to get to know you and your team, enabling us to work in harmony with you to meet your business objectives, even when it feels as if the tide is against you.


To be totally focused on your objectives demands our complete commitment and support. Creating the right balance for your business requires a high level of senior management resource.

That’s why Garratts’ highly experienced professionals, with their own individual skills, proactively familiarise themselves with your affairs, in order to support your business.

You can have confidence in our business philosophy and in turn you can concentrate on seizing the immediate advantage of opportunities and responding to unforeseen challenges as they arise, however complex, knowing you have our full support.


In business, as in sport, the leanest and fittest survive. You probably know how to react swiftly, to seize the edge over the competition. You’ll devote all your energy to excelling within your own business environment, unable to spend time on the myriad complex business issues which surround us today. Vital as they are, few companies can perform such functions in-house.

Garratts will supplement your own skills and resources by working closely alongside you, helping to plan and formulate that crucial decision; removing the burden of legislation, leaving you free to develop the strength and stamina that your business needs to stay ahead.


Success is not necessarily about being first – or even reaching the top. It’s about sustained effort, maximizing opportunities, always striving to be the best at what you do. Our own success owes much to our hands-on, practical approach and clear thinking, providing clients with the reassurance they need where and when they need it most.

Whether your business is already at its peak or whether the ascent seems just too demanding, to maximize its success and to widen your horizons needs understanding, sometimes a new perspective and above all a guiding hand.

To ensure your business reaches the peak of its success, take advantage of a partnership for the future with Garratts.