We believe that an audit should not be considered worthless, burdensome, or something a business owner dreads. We want you to expect more than just a signature on an auditors report. At Garratts we treat every audit as an opportunity to help.
We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining effective working relationships, based on mutual trust and respect, with key players within a business. Our aim is to gain a real understanding of your business so that we can give you valuable, worthwhile and relevant financial advice.

As part of our audit approach we focus on the key issues and vulnerabilities, whilst complying with the applicable regulations, to keep audit costs to a minimum and to add value to your business. We identify risk and problem areas but also suggest improvements to your financial systems and opportunities that may serve to enhance the operation of your business.
All of our staff are friendly, courteous and professional who have worked in a number of specialist and varied audit areas. We offer the expertise of larger firms and have experience in the audit of:

  • Charities
  • Friendly Societies
  • Solicitors
  • Subsidiaries of overseas companies
  • Groups
  • Pension Funds

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