Corporate Finance


We assist our clients throughout the process of identifying both target businesses for purchase and prospective purchasers of our clients business. We will be fully involved throughout, from the negotiation stage up to final completion and can introduce experienced corporate lawyers as required to ensure the process is completed professionally and to an agreed timetable. Our objective is to ensure you receive a service of the highest professional standard and we minimise the stress you experience during the process.



We can provide you with an exit strategy review; this will provide you with an examination of the various exit options available to the shareholders .
Obviously being a firm of Chartered Accountants we will incorporate the appropriate tax strategy within our recommendations to ensure you retain the maximum amount of the sale proceeds.



The process followed to maximise the shareholders return is briefly summarised as follows:

  1. Understanding You and Your Business : What is being sold and why.
  2. Research : Identifying the “best fit” purchasers
  3. First approach : Maintaining your confidentiality and vetting prospective purchasers
  4. Face-to-Face Meetings : Manage meetings and assess offers
  5. The Offer : Manage the process and take you through to a successful completion

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